A Trip To Barry

I just want to start this post by saying I cannot believe it’s nearly been a year since I wrote my last post. I remember saying in my last but one post that two months felt so long and I was definitely going to start posting more (oops). I’ll be honest blogging has probably been the last thing on my mind since last year. I was feeling really unmotivated with it and had no ideas about what I wanted to write about. Then when I went back to uni and started my final year I felt like I didn’t have any time and as I was spending so much time writing assignments when I decided to have a break I didn’t then want to be writing more even if it was for my blog. However I have now officially finished university!! This means I’ll have a lot more time for blogging (yay) I also have quite a few ideas for some posts.

Anyway onwards with what I was going to talk about.

In April it was my 21st birthday and of course I wanted to go away for it. I was originally thinking of going somewhere like Prague however I decided to go to Barry as it was a lot cheaper and honestly all I wanted to do was spend time with Joe and some friends and relax. I also really wanted to take Rory (our dog) to the beach.

I looked on Airbnb and found a lovely two bedroom flat right opposite the funfair and from the front balcony you could see the sea. It was such good value for money (£175 for 4 people for 2 nights) and had everything you could want for the weekend. I have never used Airbnb before but I know so many people who have so I thought it would try it. It was such an easy process and the flat we stayed in had a code to get into the building and there was another code for a box outside the front door to get the keys.

Once we got there we just put our pjs on watched some TV and order some food.

In the morning we went for breakfast at a dog café called K9 plus one. Breakfast was really good and it was so nice being able to take Rory in with us as he got to meet some other dogs.  We then went for a walk along the beach and it was Rory’s first time on the sand. He absolutely loved running around on the sand but he wasn’t the biggest fan on the sea.

We spent most of the time going for walks and eating chips, ice-creams, doughnuts (the usual thing we do when we go away) we also went in the arcades which is probably one of the most do things in Barry (especially as we were staying right opposite) And of course we had an ice-cream from Marco’s and went to look at Nessa’s slots.

I had such a lovely time in Barry and had a great birthday.

Speak Soon



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