A Trip to Bournemouth

For my 21st birthday my auntie and uncle said they would pay for a weekend away for Joe and I. We decided to go to Bournemouth as it’s a place neither of us have ever been to but did want to visit. We went the 14th – 15th July for our anniversary.

Where we stayed

We stayed in the Queens Hotel and Spa located on the East Cliff of Bournemouth. It is a lovely hotel that is also amazingly pet friendly. We couldn’t believe that they allow dogs considering how lovely the hotel is. Another great thing about this hotel is that all pet friendly rooms have a balcony. This was a great feature for us as we could take Rory onto the balcony instead on having to go out of the hotel and onto the grass in front of the building. It was also nice to be able to sit out there having some drinks after having a meal.

What we did

The main thing we wanted to do was sit on the beach. We found a sign that said which part of the beach was dog friendly and walked all the way there to find out it must be an old sign as we were told dogs are no longer allowed on any part of Bournemouth beach. After some googling with found that if you go to Alum Chine dogs are allowed. We didn’t know how far it was so we drove there but found out it wasn’t too far. After spending a few hours on the beach we went to check into our hotel and get ready to go out for some food for our anniversary. Before we went I had used a website called doggie pubs to find out the dog friendly places near the hotel but none of them were close enough for us to walk to. Instead we walked to O’Neill’s and sat in the beer garden. We ordered way too much food but we did want to treat ourselves for our anniversary. We did plan to have a few drinks and share a dessert however the bouncers arrived at 9pm and we were asked to leave because of Rory. We were told dogs weren’t meant to be allowed in the beer garden (even though we had asked and were told it was fine). We did try and find another pub to sit outside of however we only found clubs so we bought some drinks and just went back to the hotel.

Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel and walked to the pier for breakfast. We ate at Key West bar and grill and it was delicious. Once we’d finished walking round the pier we walked to Alum Chine again and just sat on the beach for the day. It was so nice sitting in the sun on the beach and taking Rory into the sea for a little swim to cool him down. Just before we left we wanted to eat some fish and chips as this is necessary when visiting the seaside. There were two places to get fish and chips from on the beach however they were both so expensive (£8 for one portion of fish and chips) so instead of getting our food from there we walked into the town again and got some from a cheaper chip shop. We then ate our food in a little park area we found.

I do think that Bournemouth was nice however it wasn’t what we were expecting. It was completely different to the other seaside towns we have previously visited. We also found that it wasn’t very dog friendly which is obviously important for us. There were some dog friendly pubs but they were by the west cliff. We have also been told by other people that Poole has a few pubs by the harbour as we mentioned how we couldn’t find any pubs.

We still had a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to go away again.

Speak Soon



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