A trip to Tenby

Tenby is mine and Joe’s favourite place to go. We love it that much there that we someday hope to live there. We haven’t been since last July when we went for a week so we decided to go away for a couple of days for Joe’s birthday. We stayed at Penally Court, which is part of Kiln Park in a caravan we found through Air bnb. It was the nicest caravan we have ever stayed in and it was massive (probably bigger than our flat). Penally Court was really quiet (probably because its October) and was only a mile down the road from Tenby.

We got to the caravan around 9pm on the Friday and got a bit lost finding it (we went to the main part of Kiln Park instead of Penally Court). Once we got settled in we wanted to get some food but didn’t really want to go out again. I found a Chinese on Google called China Town in Tenby and we were within delivery radius. Not only did they delivery to the caravan park they even delivered straight to our door as they already had the access code for the gate. We just had a relaxed night and watched some films.

The next morning we woke up earlyish and went to Tenby to spend the day there. This was our first time taking Rory to Tenby so we were so excited to take him onto the beach, so we walked along a lot of the beach and let Rory run around and play in the sea. At one end of the beach there is a little café so we went for some breakfast. As we had Rory with us I sat outside while Joe went in, he then came out and said dogs were allowed inside on the bottom level which was really nice. We ordered a sausage sandwich each and I had a hot chocolate to drink and Joe had a cappuccino. After breakfast we went for a walk around the grass on the cliff tops. This was probably my favourite part of the holiday as something very exciting happened (if you follow me on Instagram you will already know). I am going to write a separate blog post about this so you’ll have to wait to hear about it.

We then walked around the shops and bought some Lego to build later on. We’ve become so obsessed with Lego and bought a couple of those 3 in 1 creator sets. We then ate our usual fish and chips in our usual eating spot and then had a drink in one of the dog friendly pubs. Once we were back at the caravan we watched some more films and ate some snacks.

We had a bit of lazier Sunday morning, we had a bit of lie in, had breakfast and just chilled at the caravan for a bit. We then went to Saundersfoot which is another place we love. We had a walk around the shops but didn’t really buy anything. We ate some fish and chips from the usual chippy and sat over looking the harbour. The harbour is probably one of my favourite views in Saundersfoot. After we ate our food we went down on the harbour beach which in the summer is the dog beach. As there were only a couple of people on the beach we thought we’d try letting Rory off the lead. He was so good, he didn’t try and run off from us he just wanted to run around. He was also getting a lot more comfortable with the sea which is nice to see. We spent a couple hours playing with him on the beach and then went into The Hean  Castle which is a dog friendly pub.  After we had a drink we went in to our favourite Chinese there Sao Mai Golden Dragon. It is so nice and even though Joes birthday wasn’t until the Monday we wanted to have our traditional birthday Chinese. I’d bought us a bottle of Martini Asti to drink with our food and Joe one of his presents early, Black Panther DVD. Before we put the film on we built another one of the models with the Lego. I actually fell asleep while Black Panther was on, probably about half an hour in and woke up just as the credits started so I need to want it again soon.

It was Joes birthday on the Monday so I got up a bit earlier than him to decorate the table and put his presents and cards out. After he’d opened them we had breakfast and then had to leave the caravan (I really didn’t want to go) The weather was a bit miserable again so we didn’t really plan to do much. We went back to Tenby to buy a dragon ornament we liked from Equinox. We also went for another walk on the beach and we let Rory off the lead again to see what he would be like on a busier beach. He was really good at keeping close to us while still smelling everything he could. The only problem was when he saw another dog he would run over to them. He also wouldn’t come back to us once he was by another dog. What we decided to do then was as soon as we saw another dog put him back on the lead. Before we left to come home we went to Saundersfoot again for fish and chips and ate them overlooking the beach. As we hadn’t had chance to go to Wisemans Bridge yet we drove over there and went on the beach for a bit. We did plan to possibly have a drink there as well but decided to go home instead.

We had such a lovely break away and it’s probably my favourite trip to Tenby yet. Everything just felt so perfect and it was really nice finally taking Rory there. I cannot wait to go again.


Speak soon




2 thoughts on “A trip to Tenby

  1. butterflies and boundaries October 25, 2018 — 8:08 am

    Absolutely stunning photos Sarah, great post! Looks like you had a fantastic time xx

    My new blog post is here 🌷✨


    1. Thank you so much, we had such a wonderful time xx

      I love your blog, I always enjoy reading your posts


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