Christmas Day Menu

This is mine and Joe’s third Christmas in our flat and every year we have decided to stay at home just the two of us (three of us now with Rory). We eat pretty much the same thing each year but I feel like we’re starting to master Christmas dinner. They’ve been nice every year but obviously not as nice as my mom’s or Joe’s moms (probably because they’ve been cooking them for years) We’ve always bought a small turkey crown as that’s enough for our dinner and then some sandwiches the next day. Our Christmas dinner consists of:

Small turkey crown

Pigs in blankets

Sausage meat

Roast potatoes

Mash potatoes

Yorkshire puddings









Our plates are always overflowing as we cook way too much food, but a Christmas dinner is one of my favourite things to eat and there are too many nice parts. You literally can’t even see all of the food as our plates are piled that high.

While we are eating we always have a glass of Martini Asti. We also drink beer, cider or gin throughout the rest of the day (we are big eaters and drinkers on Christmas day) after we have eaten our dinner we will have a dessert a bit later on which would be a cheesecake or chocolate cake or something like that.


For snacks we will have some Cadbury chocolate biscuits (they are my favourite!) as well as a box of chocolate like heroes or celebrations.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we eat on Christmas Day

Speak Soon





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