Christmas Traditions

I cannot believe it’s nearly Christmas. This year have flew by. For my last Christmas blog post I thought I would talk about our traditions.

Since Joe and I have moved in together we’ve carried on some of our families traditions and also made our own.

Our traditions start on December 1st with putting up the decorations and watching a Christmas film. This year we’ve watched a Christmas film pretty much every night (unless we’ve been out).

On Christmas Eve we get new pjs from my mom. This is something my family always did and since moving in together Joe has also received new pjs. I pretty much live in pjs so I love that I get new ones at Christmas. Last year however my mom did something a bit different, she gave us a Christmas Eve box that had pjs in as well as hit chocolate, mugs, chocolates and things like that. She’s also made us one this year, it is such a thoughtful gift.

After putting on our new pjs we order a Chinese. Once the Chinese arrives we have some drinks (we’ve probably already started drinking) and put Christmas Vacation on. Before meeting Joe I had never seen this film but now it’s one my favourite Christmas films and part of our tradition. Then Christmas morning we get up, open our presents and just stay in our pjs all day.

And that’s about it for our traditions.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas

Speak soon



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