Dying My Hair Grey

I dyed my hair many different colours over the years. I went through a bit of phase. One colour I have never tried is grey and I absolutely love the look of grey hair. At the moment it’s very popular and in fashion so I thought while I have got a week off work I’ll try it (so I have some time to dye it back if it went wrong or looked terrible)


My hair is pretty much at its natural colour, it’s a dark blonde, light brown kind of colour but it needed to be lighter for the grey to take. I get scared about putting proper bleach on my hair so whenever I have had to go lighter I always use Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Max Blonde. It lightens your hair by 9 levels. It does make your hair very yellow and orange but you can tone it to make it a nicer colour (I did this in the past when I was blonde) however this time I wasn’t bothered about toning it as I just needed my hair to be a lighter colour. I used two boxes of this dye however after washing it out I realised I’d missed parts of my hair at the back so I bought another box and got Joe to help me with the bits I missed.

Blonde attempt 1

Once I had dyed it blonde again I put used two boxes of the Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Dusty Silver. This time I got Joe to help me before I washed it out as its difficult making sure everything is covered. He actually did a really good job of dying my hair.


I am happy with the colour as it’s definitely more grey than silver which is what I wanted, however it’s really weird; when I try to take a picture my hair looks more brown than grey. It does show up a lot better in person than on a photo.  I think I might try dying it again and getting the grey to be a bit lighter but for now I’m happy with it; I don’t want to damage my hair too much. It’s taking some getting used to but a few people have said they think it suits me. I’ve washed my hair a few times since dying it and it faded a lot after the first wash. My hair is getting lighter each time I wash it and it’s quite a nice colour. I’m definitely going to try going grey again soon.

Thanks for reading. Tell me what is your favourite hair colour?

Speak Soon


8 thoughts on “Dying My Hair Grey

  1. It looks lovely! I’ve never bleached my hair before but I’m tempted… Usually I’m dirty blonde (natural) in the summer and auburn in the winter. I do miss having crazy colours though!


    1. Thank you! I’m just really scared about ruining my hair but I think as long as you do your research it should be fine. I love auburn hair it’s so nice. Pink is probably one of my favourite colours I’ve had, I do sometimes get tempted to do it again


  2. I like it! I always want to die mine a silver/grey but I’ve just never got round too it! I used to die it all the time when I was younger! 🙂


    1. Thank you. I like it’s such a nice colour and looks good on everyone. I feel like a lot of people go through a hair dying stage ha x


  3. Nice one! Love the look of gray hair x


  4. Grey is a finicky colour in the hair dye world because it will pick up ANY hint of an undertone that you might have, especially in photos. In this case, the fact that your hair still had that orange/yellow undertone is going to cause it to pull brown in certain lights. To get a true grey/silver you would need to first tone out the blonde. I did a really pretty silver/grey using Arctic Fox Sterling last summer and LOVED it!


    1. That makes sense. Thanks for the advice, I’m definitely going to try grey again but next I’ll tone the blonde first. I’ve never tried any Arctic Fox dye but I have heard good things about it


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