My Perfume Collection

Perfume is one of my favourite things to own. I love smelling good and I always spray a lot as I get worried about smelling bad. I love receiving perfume for my birthday and Christmas as I absolutely love perfume but I never want to buy some myself as they can be a bit expensive. For my birthday last year and Christmas I received quite a few so I have a bit of a collection at the moment.

Diesel- Loverdose Tattoo (£46 50ml)

Joe has bought me a couple times as it is one of my all-time favourites.

Jean Paul Gaultier- Scandal (£65.50 50ml)

I received this one for Christmas from my mom and her partner; he has really good taste in perfume. I’d never smelt it before but it’s the one I always reach for at the moment.

Jimmy Choo- Illicit (£82 100ml)

I’ve had the flower version of this one before and I really liked that one. For my birthday last year my auntie bought me the original version and it’s just as nice.

Paco Rabanne- Olympea (£80 80ml)

This is a recent addition. I wanted to try something new and I’ve used Paco Rabanne perfume in the past (Lady Million) so thought I would try this one. I wear this one quite a lot as I really like the smell.

Thierry Mugler- Alien (£56 30ml)

Alien is my go to perfume for night time. Whenever I go out or I’m going somewhere for an occasion I always wear Alien. The smell is so nice and it’s a perfume everyone recognises and always compliments.

Issey Miyake- L’eau D’issey Summer (£43.50 100ml)

This took a while for me to find as it wasn’t on the perfume and I found out that this was limited edition for summer 2018 (NOOO!) I love this scent so much and it was pretty much all I worse last summer.

Thierry Mugler- Angel Miniature Collection x 4 5ml Mini Perfumes (£38.49)

I’ve had a full bottle of Angel in the past (think it was for my 18th birthday) and I really liked it. I’ve actually only started using these mini perfumes as I realised they’re perfect for putting in my bag for when I have forgot to put perfume on or want to top it up.

Hope you found this type of post interesting. Thanks for reading

Speak soon


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