Camping In Barmouth

Barmouth is one of my favourite places to visit. My family and I used to go there for a two week holiday every summer until I was 10 or 11 years old. It is also the first seaside town Joe and I went together. 

A couple months ago we decided we would go camping as we’re not going away this year but we obviously wanted to wait until the weather was better before going camping. 

Where We Stayed

We stayed on Hendre Mynach campsite which is located just out of Barmouth town, if you walk to the end of the promarde you can access the site from there. We found this campsite a couple years ago when we stayed overnight for our anniversary. The campsite is ideal for families and couples and is also dog friendly. They offer electric and non electric pitches for tents, caravans and camper vans. Hendre mynach also have 3 static caravans, 3 glamping pods (they offer dog friendly and non dog friendly) as well as a house you can rent. The campsite also has a small shop for any nessities you need to grab, a park for children and a toilet & shower block which offers hair drying facilities. 

Day 1

We woke up about 6am and got ready to leave. We had packed and loaded the car the night before so we could leave quicker in the morning. Joe drove there and it took around 2 hours to get to Barmouth. On the way the weather wasn’t great but we were hoping it would improve. Once we parked the car we went for a walk along the beach before grabbing some breakfast. We found a little cafe called The Lunchbook and we were going to get some paninis to eat on a bench in the rain but Joe then noticed a sign saying dogs welcome so we were able to eat inside. As we were sitting down to eat we both ordered a large breakfast. Rory was very well behaved and lay down next to us while we were eating. After we finished breakfast we went for a walk round the shops. It was still raining so one of us held the umbrella while the other one went into the shop. As soon as it got to 12:30 we went to the campsite to check in. Joe asked if we were able to put up two small tents as we wanted one as a bedroom and one as a living room if it rained. They said this was fine however after putting up the first tent we realised that they are a lot bigger than we remembered and we had plenty of room with just the one. After we put the tent up Joe went to shop to grab a couple things. A bit later on we went into Barmouth to get some food and drinks for a BBQ. Joe cooked us some good burgers and hotdogs and we spent the evening sitting outside the tent talking. 

Day 2

We had a chilled start to the second day. We bought some bacon from the shop and cooked some bacon and cheese baps on the stove. We didn’t play any card games the night before so we decided to play one after breakfast. Joe chose the Marvel Avengers quiz. The first one to get to 10 won and it was Joe. The game went really quick so we just answered the rest of the questions and I won this time. It was really funny as Joe kept getting the same question and kept getting it wrong. After that we went for a walk along the beach into Barmouth. When we got to Barmouth we took some pictures and went for a walk around the shops. It was raining the day before so we didn’t walking round many shops. We went to get some fish & chips as we hadn’t had any yet and you HAVE to have fish & chips when you’re by the sea. We like to sit on a bench by the harbour while we eat as it’s a really nice view. The Harbour chip shop is THE chip shop to go to in Barmouth. We found a pick & mix shop called Weight Out and it was £1 per 100g so we thought we’d get some. Joe went first and came out with a big ball full that cost him £5 something. I went in a spent £4.38. Joe said he missed a whole wall section as he didn’t see half the things I had picked up but it was probably best that he hadn’t seen it all. After walking round for a bit we went to sit by the front and eat our pick & mix. We tried to eat all the chocolates sweets so they wouldn’t melt; we felt so sick after. We went for a another walk along the beach and sat in the sand dunes for while; Joe actually fell asleep. It started to get a bit colder so we bought some hot drinks to warm us up; I had a bit chocolate and Joe had a cappuccino with a whiskey shot in it and we drank them by the harbour. When we finished our drinks we started to walk back to the tent. On the way we stopped off at a pub called Min-Y-Mor. It’s a dog friendly pub so we were able to sit inside with Rory which was really nice as it had got a bit cold. We had a couple of drinks there. We went back to the tent and watched Shrek 2 while eating some more of our pick & mix and some crisps. 

Day 3

We decided we wanted to go to Harlech today. I went for a shower when I woke up as my hair needed washing and I wanted to see what the showers were like. I was very impressed. They were very clean and there was a sitting area in the cubicle so you could put your stuff there. The shower floor stepped down a bit so the whole cubicle floor wouldn’t get wet and there was a shower curtain as well. The water pressure and temperature was perfect. After I got dry and dressed I wanted to test the hair drying facilities. I had took my own hairdryer with us just in case so I thought I would try the plug socket as I wasn’t sure how good their hairdryer would be. You pay 20p for the plug and I got a long time out of it. My hair was pretty much try by time the plug ran out (usually takes me around 10 minutes to dry my hair) I did have another 20p so I had a few more minutes just to make sure my hair was dry.  When I got back to the tent Joe told me the car wouldn’t start. On the first day an engine management light came on but I just ignored it. He said the battery wasn’t dead and we tried bump start it but it was no use. Instead of just moping about I suggested we get the train to Harlech so we could still go. We walked into Barmouth to catch the train and when we got there we had just missed it by 20 minutes and the next one wasn’t until 4! (It was 11:30 at this point) We phoned a taxi and that was going to be £25 each way so forget that. Joe suggested trying the bus (don’t know how we forgot about buses) there was a bit of hassle with the bus but we managed to get one to Harlech and it only cost us about £7.50 for return tickets for both of us. The bus was really nice and clean and it dropped us off in the town. After getting off the bus we decided to go and have a look around the castle. Dogs are allowed in but only on the bottom level so we would have to go up towers one at a time which was no problem. The castle was really nice; looking round castles is one of my favourite things to do. I find it so interesting to imagine what it would’ve been like when it was first built. After walking round the castle for a bit we went to the beach. The beach in Harlech is a bit of a walk from the town and is down hill (which is fine when you’re going down but the way back up is horrible). The beach was really quiet and I actually fell asleep while we were sitting there. The bus was picking us up at 6:10pm so about 5 we started walking back to the town to make sure we got there with enough time. The walk back up the hill was awful. I am not a fit person at all so I really struggled but Joe helped me get to top without dying. Whenever I struggle with things like this I always wondered what I would’ve been like when I was 5 stone heavier (definitely would’ve died on the hill). We got to the bus stop with plenty of time to spare. We were going to have Chinese that night but as we didn’t have the car we wouldn’t have been able to take one back to the tent. We walked past a Chinese and Joe and I had the exact same thought; get some chicken balls for while we wait. So we sat at the bus stop eating some chicken balls with curry sauce; they were red hot so we were trying to not drop them cause we were too impatient to wait for them to cool down. Once we were back in Barmouth we to Min-Y-Mor again for some food. They were only serving Sunday dinner so we said we’d both have a beef dinner and omg it was one of the best dinners we have ever had! It was so nice Joe wanted to order another one when he’d finished, we didn’t though we had chocolate fudge cake instead. We spent a couple hours there having some drinks before going back to the tent and playing the Top Trumps Disney quiz game. We put shrek 3 on after playing the quiz but we were so tired we went to bed after the first 20 minutes. 

Day 4

When we woke up we started to pack everything away. We packed everything in the car except the tent and our double deck chair and then we went to check out. As we were having issues with the car we wanted to extend our stay; for £10 we could stay until 5:30pm which was great. We then walked into Barmouth. When we got there we went to speak to a garage that a couple of people have recommended but that was no help. We realised we hadn’t had an ice cream yet so we went to get one before going on the beach again. The weather was really nice and hot this day so walked along the beach in the sea. Rory loved it! After that we sat for a while and just enjoyed the sun. After enjoying the sun for a while we went to get fish & chips for the last time. We ate them in our usual spot by the harbour. Joe really didn’t want to leave (obviously I didn’t as well) so I had to basically drag him off the bench. We bought some donuts to eat on the walk back to the tent. Joe phoned the AA once we were back at the tent and while we were waiting for them to arrive we took the tent down. It took about an hour for the AA to get to us which wasn’t bad. The guy read the engine management light but didn’t know what the codes were and he checked lots of stuff. Eventually the car started but we had no idea what was wrong with it (we’re still not sure) but it started so we could drive home. Joe and I were really worried we would have to get a lift back with the AA so we were so happy it started. On the way home we didn’t stop as we just wanted to get home quickly while the car was working. When we were home we ate a Chinese and then just relaxed for the night. 

It was such a great holiday. The weather was good and I had a lovely time camping. I actually vlogged the trip which was really interesting. That video is now uploaded on my YouTube channel (sarahjanew). So if you wanted to see more of our trip please check out the vlog, I would really appreciate it. 

Speak soon



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