Trying Soap & Glory Make up and Hair Care Products

Soap & Glory is one of my favourite brands. The scent of their products are always so good and I love the design of the packaging. Even though it is one of my favourite brands I hadn’t actually tried many of their products; I had tried some of their face washes and body wash.

For my birthday Joe bought me the Glad Hair Day shampoo & conditioner. I was really excited to try these as they smelt amazing! I loved the smell of these and my hair looked so nice after using these to wash my hair. The only thing that I did not like is that the product (especially the shampoo) was a bit difficult to get out of the bottle. You really had to squeeze it lot, multiple times to be able to use it. I found the shampoo didn’t lather well as well. I had to keep my head under the water to make sure the shampoo spread to cover my hair completely as well as to make it lather. This wasn’t too much of an issue and it wouldn’t put me off buying them in the future.

Joe also bought me the rich & foamous body wash. I hadn’t tried this one before so I was excited to try it. This smells so nice. The sent is oats and brown sugar and you can smell exactly that. I really like this body wash and I always smell amazing after using it.

As well as trying hair care products I wanted to test out their makeup range. For my birthday I received some money so I thought I would treat myself to a bit of new makeup.

I bought Soap & Glory Archery D-I-Y Brow Bar. When I first bought this I didn’t use it that much but as my hair is a lot lighter now I reach for this more. I really like the look of my brows; I think they look better than they used to. The application is really easy. The only problem I find is outlining the front of my eyebrows. I like a more defined look and I struggle to get that with this but I think that’s probably an issue with my makeup skills (I think they’re improving slightly)

Another eyebrow product I purchased was the Archery Brow Sculpting Crayon & Gel. This is the product I used the most when I bought them. I really like the applicator; it’s easy to use and gives a good result. When I first started using the brow bar I still used this to outline my eyebrows. I bought this in the shade brown but it is a bit too dark for me at the moment as I’ve gone blonde again. I might repurchase it in the blonde shade as I really like it.

Every time my mascara run out I love to try a new one so I also bought their Thick & Fast mascara. I really like the look of my lashes after I have applied. I will be honest; it is not my favourite mascara, there are others I prefer a lot more but it is still a good product. One thing I do love is how it looks on my bottom lashes. I like to put mascara on my bottom lashes but I hate when they end up too clumpy or just have too much product on. My other mascaras have brushes (is that what they’re called?) that are a bit too thick for my bottom lashes. This mascara is perfect for applying to the bottom ones. There is not too much product on the brush and it is easy to wipe off the excess. It does however seem to rub off quite easily as by the end of the day I barely have any mascara still on.

I have really enjoyed trying out more of Soap & Glory’s product. They are definitely still one of my favourite brands and I really like their products.

Hope you enjoyed this post

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