Beauty Products I Have Recently Tried

I love trying and testing new beauty products as I love finding new things that my skin loves. Recently I have tried a few different products so I thought I would tell you about them. I have also recently write a post about Soap & Glory products I have recently tried so I will link that here.

Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips for Blackhead Removal, Pack of 6 Nose Strips

I bought these off of Amazon after seeing a lot of YouTubers being sent them. I want to start taking care of my face more and my nose is the part that annoys me the most. I do get blackheads on my nose and my foundation ends up a bit patchy on my nose so I’m trying to improve my skincare. I bought these off of Amazon for £5.50. The first time I tried these I actually felt a bit grossed out by how much crap was on the strip after using it.  The strips have witch hazel in them which you can really smell when using them but personally I like the smell. I always use these whenever my nose needs a bit of care so I definitely recommend trying these.

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Foam Wash Red 

I bought this for the same reason as the nose strips; to try and improve the skin on my nose. I followed the instructions which were to use it twice a day, every day. My skin did feel really nice and smooth straight after using it, however I don’t think it agrees with my skin; I found my nose started peeling and looked even worse under my foundation even when I used moisturiser and a primer. I’m not sure if it is something to do with the product or if it was something I was doing wrong but that’s just how I found the product to be. I do keep meaning to try using it again to see what I think this time.

Maybelline Master Prime Primer: Pore Minimiser

I only started using a primer probably about a year ago. Before that I would put my foundation on straight away but I know pretty everyone does use a primer so I thought I would give it a go. When my previous primer ran out I thought I would try this one. The texture of the primer is a bit strange; it feels almost like suede (I know that sounds crazy). I do think a little goes a long way with this products and I do put a bit too much on at times. Once it is rubbed into your skin you can still feel that it is on there as it makes my skin feel a bit greasy. However the look of the product is fine. My foundation does look a lot better since I have been using this primer

Pantene Masque Repair & Protect For Weak And Damaged Hair

I have never tried a hair mask before but my hair has recently become a bit damaged from when I went grey. I bought this mask a couple months ago and I’ve literality only got round to trying it today. After washing my hair today I thought I should give this a try and I’m really glad I did. My hair feels so soft now. I can’t remember how much this was, I don’t think it was too expensive but you do get a good amount of product, there was definitely enough to cover my hair. It smells really good and I can’t stop playing with my hair now ha (it is so soft)

Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Body Lotion

This came out of a perfume gift set I had for Christmas I think or my birthday last year. Im not 100% sure but I have had it a while. I never used to be a big fan of body lotions, I hated my skin feeling greasy. Instead of lotions or moisturisers I used an in shower moisturiser. On our recent trip to Barmouth I got sun burnt and my skin is quite dry at the moment so I’ve tried using this. It smells amazing and feels really nice on my skin. It absorbs into your skin really quickly and does not give me the greasy feeling. I actually used it all over my body tonight not just on my sun burn and I was really impressed. Definitely going to start using body lotions more.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the products I have tried recently. Let me know about any other products I should try.

Speak soon



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6 thoughts on “Beauty Products I Have Recently Tried

  1. I love Biore! They do a great job with taking out the blackheads. I need to check out L’Oreal’s clay wash. I love how you go through the whole set with taking care of your skin! Thanks for sharing.

    Nancy ♥


    1. The nose strips is the first product I have tried from them but I am definitely going to try more. Thank you, I’ve started to realise this year how important taking care of your skin is and the difference it makes when you do x


  2. I love Biore strips, they are so satisfying to peel off! I love using hair masks, they are truly wonderful! I haven’t tried this one so might have to give it a go!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


    1. It really is satisfying. Definitely going to try their other products. I would definitely recommend this one. When I bought it there were loads of other ones and some of the caps they come with were animals or fruit instead x


  3. I haven’t tried any of these products but they look amazing! Definitely going to look into buying them.

    Melissa | Rosy Melissa


    1. I love seeing what products other people like as I really enjoy trying new ones x


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