A Summer Holiday To Barmouth

About a month ago Joe and I went on a summer holiday to Barmouth again. We recently went in May; camping just the two of us but this time was a family holiday. Joe’s mom and dad had gone away for a few weeks and we went to join them for a few days. Joe’s brother and his brother’s girlfriend also went for the weekend.

Where we stayed

We stayed in a caravan on Parc Isaf Touring and Camping Site in Dyffryn, just outside of Barmouth. I had stayed there once before with Joe’s family about 6 years. It’s a really lovely site with everything you need for your stay and it’s a really good price. As well as offering space for tents and 2 static caravans there is also a cottage you can rent out.

What we did

While we were there we did a lot of shopping, walking and a LOT of eating (Joe and I love our food)

We were arrived Friday night and picked up a Chinese on the way to the caravan. We then just had some drinks and chilled for the night.


On Saturday we went to Portmadog for the day. I have been there before but it’s been years so I didn’t remember anything about it. There are a few shops we went in; the first shop we spent ages in as I loved looking at all the Disney figures they were selling. There was one particular one that I really wanted; it was Stitch holding Scrump. I didn’t buy it straight away as I wanted to make sure I really wanted in and a few hours later I went back to buy it as I couldn’t stop thinking about it. In a park there is a crazy golf course so me, Joe, Adam and Meg has a game. It was really fun. On the evening we went out for a meal at a lovely pub call Victoria Inn.


We went into Barmouth for the day and walked round the shops. Joe bought two tennis balls that were massive! They were meant to be for Rory and the one was clearly more for Joe. By the harbour there was a food festival going on. I have never seen anything like that in Barmouth before so it was really good to see. We had some Nutella waffles that were so good, bit sickly but so nice. I was a bit cold in the afternoon so Joe and I went to buy some ‘hippie’ style hoodies that we liked last time. We then spent a few hours on the beach.


On Monday we went to Criccieth for the day. I thought I hadn’t been there before but I recognised the antique we went to first but I didn’t recognise anything else. Criccieth was really nice and i really like it. The weather started to pick up so we took Rory down on the beach. No one else was on the dog beach so we let Rory off his lead so he could run freely on the beach. He loved it! Then we went to a café on the seafront and had a hot drink and some cake.


Tuesday was amazing weather! We decided to go to Shell Island for the day as it’s the perfect place for a sunny day. I have only been to shell island a couple of times and I don’t think either time was very sunny. We spent about 6 ½ hours just sitting on the beach. Joe’s mom had made us a picnic to take with us. Joe made me walk up a big sand dune (it was hard work). After spending the day on the beach we went to Barmouth and ate fish & chips by the harbour. Joe and I got so burnt. On the way back to the caravan we stopped at a pub called Norbar to have a drink and what the sun set.


This was the day we were going home (we really didn’t want to go). We spent the day in Barmouth and looked round the shops we hadn’t been in yet. Then we spent the afternoon on the beach again.  Originally we had planned to leave about 5pm but we kept pushing it back. It was about 7pm before we actually left.

I really enjoyed our holiday and it was lovely to spend time with Joe’s family. I have been uploading vlogs our trip if you are are interested in watching them.

Thanks for reading

Speak Soon


2 thoughts on “A Summer Holiday To Barmouth

  1. I`ve never been, but it looks really nice. Your dog is adorable, love that caricature photo of the three of you.


    1. Definitely one of my favourite places to go. Thank you! Don’t think he liked it very much x


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