Advent Calendars I wish I had Bought

It is the 1st of December!!! I cannot believe the countdown to Christmas has officially started. For my first Blogmas post I thought I would talk about which advent calendars I wish I had bought as today is the first day of opening those doors.

Lush £195

Lush is one of my favourite brands, I love their bath bombs. I found out about this calendar as soon as it was sold out but let’s be honest I wouldn’t have bought it as it is very expensive. There were only 500 made so it sold out so quickly.

Body Shop £49 £69 £99

I have never actually bought anything from the body shop but so many people say their products are incredible. Currently I do own a couple of their moisturisers that I was gifted by family.  I would really like to try more of their products and I think their advent calendars are a great way to do this. I really like how there are 3 different ones so you can decide which one suits your budget better and they are all good quality for money.

Soap & Glory £42

In case you didn’t know Soap & Glory is another one of my favourite brands. I have tried more of their products over the last few months (I wrote a blog post about this). I would love to have their advent calendar as I would be able to try out more of their products. The design of the calendar is beautiful and I think it is a reasonable price for what you get.

Pop Funko Harry Potter £50

In case you weren’t aware I am obsessed with Harry Potter; I just love it so much. I also love Pop Funkos; Joe and I have a few different ones. I do have a Snape pop figure but that is the only one I have so I would love to have more Harry Potter pop funkos. The characters I have seen look so good and the size of them make them really cute. I currently have a Harry Potter shelf in my display cabinet so I would love to add some more things to it.

Nivea £40

I have used a lot of Nivea products in the past and I really like them. I really like that you get full sized products as well as travel sized products. Lately I have been trying to take a lot better care of my skin so this calendar would have been perfect for that.

I hope you enjoyed finding out which advent calendars I wish I had bought this year. Let me know what advent calendars you have and which ones you wish you had bought.

Hope you enjoyed day one of Blogmas

Speak Soon


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