Gift Guide for a Disney fan

Anyone who knows me will know I am a massive Disney fan. For that reason I thought I would write a gift guide for a Disney fan

Mug £8

The Disney store has so many nice mugs and a lot of other places also sell Disney mugs. As it is winter and is getting colder it is the perfect weather for hot drinks (especially hot chocolate) A Disney mug is the perfect way to drink a hot drink

Primark Pjs £10

Primark pjs are so good, they are really good quality but so cheap. They have so many Disney pjs at the moment it makes it hard to choose a pair. They also sell gift boxes of pjs and eye masks for £13

Notebook £15

I am a big lover of stationary and I have quite a collection of notebooks (even though I don’t actually use them that often) I love the designs of these notebooks and I love how you can put your initial on them. They would make a really nice gift for someone at school/ university or someone who really likes stationary. The personalisation option adds a really nice touch

Mickey & Minnie Charms £35

Pandora have so many nice Disney charms and they are constantly bringing out new ones for the latest films. They do vary in price depending on what the charm is. Either the Mickey or Minnie charm would be a nice gift for a Disney as they are the iconic characters

Disney Traditions or Disney Showcase figures/ ornaments

There are so many beautiful figures and ornaments from Disney Traditions and Disney Showcase. They look fantastic on display. The figure/ ornaments vary on price depending on brand, size etc but they are 100% worth the price. I currently have a Beauty and the Beast figure from Disney Traditions and a Stitch figure from Disney Showcase and I love them so much.

Top Trumps Disney quiz £8.99

I bought this a few months ago and have played it a few times. It is a really good quiz with varied questions. Joe and I hadn’t long watched all of the classic Disney films before playing this and we still got some questions wrong. On each card there are 5 questions and there are 2 decks of cards so there are plenty of questions to answer. With some quizzes there are not many questions so you can’t really play that often as you will remember the answer but with this quiz that will not happen for a while.

Thomas Kinkade Calendar £11.99

I found out about Thomas Kinkade through YouTube (Brogantatexo) and fell in love with his art; it is stunning. This calendar would make a great gift for someone because it looks beautiful and is so useful (I couldn’t be without a calendar now after using one this year). I think it is nice to receive a calendar at Christmas as it starts preparing you for the new year.

I hope this gift guide gives you some ideas for presents for a Disney fan or maybe it will give you some ideas to put on your own wishlist.

Thanks for reading

Speak soon


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