Christmas Films To Watch

Last year I wrote a blog post about my favourite Christmas films. Joe and I watched a few Christmas films last year that I had not seen before; so I thought I would talk about some Christmas films to watch.

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas is about Santa’s youngest son called Arthur who wants to get a missing present to a little girl. I do not know how I had not seen this before. It was a really enjoyable film and it is probably a new favourite of mine as well

The Christmas Chronicles

This film is about two siblings who try to catch father Christmas on camera and end up on his sleigh. Kurt Russell is one of Joe’s favourite actors and when he saw the trailer for it, it was put on our to watch list. I think Kurt Russell made a good father Christmas and the Christmas chronicles had the classic family improvement element as well

Ernest Saves Christmas

In Ernest Saves Christmas father Christmas is looking for the next person to take over from him. He meets Ernest who helps him find the next person. I had never heard of this film before but Joe suggested watching it as he remembered watching it when he was younger. Not going to lie; I was not a big fan of the film. There were some funny moments but I probably would not watch it again

Office Christmas Party

An office manager decides to throw a big party to try and make a deal with a client after his sister threatening to shut the office down. I loved this film. There were so many recognisable people in this film such as Jennifer Aniston and T.J. Miller. It is not a traditional Christmas film; which I quite liked. There is no Father Christmas in it, but it is about a Christmas party

The Night Before

On Christmas Eve three friends try to find the best Christmas party in New York. The Night Before was a similar film to the Office Christmas Party; not about father Christmas and full of alcohol and drugs. I really enjoyed this film as well and I also recognise most of the cast which always makes a film better.

I hoped you liked finding out about my recommendations for Christmas films to watch.

What other Christmas films would you recommend watching?

Thanks for reading

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