Gift Guide for Her

Today’s Blogmas post is a Gift Guide For Her. At first, I was struggling to come up with ideas for this post but then I thought about some of the things I like the look of and would put on my Wishlist. This is more of a generic gift guide for her; obviously if the person you are buying has any specific interests you could obviously buy presents tailored to that.

Spectrum 10 Piece Essential Set £39.99 GBP

I have never used any brushes from Spectrum, but I have heard a lot of good things about them. They also look stunning. If the person you are buying for likes makeup, I think this would be a good present for them. The essential set has every brush you could need to apply makeup and it’s always nice to have some new brushes.

Grey Polka Dot Sherpa Gift Box £12.00 – Primark

Pyjamas are a perfect present; especially cosy pjs. I always get at least one pair of pjs at Christmas and I love it! Whenever I am at home, I am more than likely in my pjs. I think they are a good present if you are not sure what to get someone. Primark sell so many amazing pjs. You can get sets that come with fluffy socks or eye masks as well.

Perfume: Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal A Paris Eau de Toilette 50ml £60

Perfume is one of those things that you do not really want to buy yourself (probably cause its expensive) so it makes a great gift. There are so many fragrance options and price options so they will be something for everyone’s taste and budget. Last year I received Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal A Paris Eau de Toilette and it smells incredible!

Yankee Candle £23.99 Personalised Candles £27.99

I am pretty sure that most girls like candles. There are so many different brands of candles for a variety of price. Candles such as Yankee Candles or Woodwick are more luxury candles (they are more expensive) so would make a great gift as personally I wouldn’t want to spend £20 on a candle for myself. I recently found out that you can make a personalised Yankee Candle jar; I think it would be so cute to buy someone a candle with a picture of you together.


Jewellery if a lovely gift to receive and buy for someone. There are lots of options for jewellery such as types of jewellery, style, colour, etc.  Two items I really like are:

9ct White Gold 18″ Swinging Heart Pendant £54.99 H Samuel

Radley Ladies’ Scottie Dog Charm Grey Leather Strap Watch £89.99 H Samuel (I actually really want this watch)

100 Day Happiness Planner Blush £20.00 Skinny Dip

I saw this on the Skinny Dip website and just thought it was cute. I love stationary and thought this would be great gift. This planner would help someone to plan and organise their life in the new year as well as creating a positive mindset for self-development. The planner helps organise daily Notes & To-Dos, Daily Exercise and Meal Plans, Weekly Overview/Plans and many other aspects of your daily life.

Hopefully this gift guide for her has given you some ideas. This post was basically my Christmas list ha (sorry!)

Thanks for reading

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