My Favourite Christmas Jumpers

As soon as it becomes December the Christmas jumpers come out and I live in them. There is nothing more cosy and festive than wearing a Christmas jumper. So for todays post I thought I would share some of my favourite Christmas jumpers from this year.

Star Wars Fairisle Christmas Jumper- £16 Asda

This one is perfect for Joe. He loves jumpers that look festive but are a bit geeky. He used to have another Star Wars Christmas jumper but it was a sweater. I really like this because it looks more like a traditional jumper.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Slogan Christmas Jumper – £16 Asda

I love how the colour scheme of this one is the same as the Star Wars jumper. Joe and I talked about maybe getting Christmas jumpers that are quite similar and a bit geeky. The slogan is so true; I would love to be at Hogwarts at Christmas.

Reindeer & Snowflake Christmas Jumper- £25- Boohoo

This jumper just screams Christmas. Whenever I think of a Christmas jumper this is the kind of style I picture. It looks so comfy and comes in 5 different colours. It looks really cosy and comfortable to wear.

Fashion Union Sequin Xmas Jumper- £25 Next

Next have a lot of nice Christmas jumpers this year; there are so many I want to buy. I really like the pattern on this one. It is really festive but because the details are small it doesn’t scream Christmas. It is a good everyday Christmas jumper.

Mickey Mouse Knitted Christmas Jumper – £34.99 Zavvi

In case you did not realise I am a big Disney fan. I bought a Disney Christmas top a couple Christmas ago and I lived in it that year. I was really subtle Disney which I quite liked but I also love this stand out jumper. This is quite expensive for a Christmas jumper but it is Disney so it is worth it.

The Grinch Ho Ho Ho Smile Christmas Sweatshirt – £24.99 IWOOT

The Grinch is one of my favourite Christmas films; I am so excited to watch it every year. This is a sweatshirt instead of a jumper but I still really like it. I love wearing sweaters and I think they are really good for a casual look.

These are just some of my favourite Christmas jumpers this year.

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