Gift Guide For Harry A Potter Fan

Today I am sharing another gift guide; this time this a gift guide For Harry Potter Fans In case you were not aware, I am a BIG Harry Potter fan, so I thought I would share some of the things I would love as a fan.

Trivial Pursuit £10

Joe bought this for me last Christmas and I love it; well I did once I got the English version (anyone remember when B&M were selling the Italian version?) The difficulty of the questions is quite mixed; there are some questions that I thought were really easy and others that were quite difficult. Joe and I have played this just us two and with a group of friends and we both really enjoyed it.

Lego knight bus £33.99

Lego make so many great Harry Potter sets but the one I like the most is the Knight Bus.  I love Lego as it is fun to build and once its built you can display what you make. I think this would look so good being displayed on a shelf.

Dobble £10

I saw this while I was walking around B&M and I put it on my wishlist straight away. Joe and I have played regular Dobble a few times and I really like it. I get so competitive when playing it. One of Joe friends bought him this for his birthday and we were so happy! We’ve played it a couple times and I love it. I cannot think of a better combination than Harry Potter and board games.

Noble Collection Train Bookends £77.49

Noble Collection make so many amazing Harry Potter replicas and merchandise. They are a bit pricey but they are so worth it. I could have included many of their products in this gift guide but I thought I would just include one. I saw these bookends when I was researching for ideas and I fell in love with them. They are beautifully hand painted and are the perfect book ends for your Harry Potter books.

Chamilia Snitch Adjustable Bracelet £60

I think this bracelet from Chamilia is really pretty and would make a lovely gift for someone. They have a lot of Harry Potter jewellery and charms and I think there is something for everyone’s taste. The bracelet is very detailed and I really like how it is adjustable so you can make sure it will not fall off.

Harry Potter Vault Books- Jody Revenson  

Jody Revenson has written 4 books that explain in more detail about certain elements of Harry Potter. They are: The Creature Vault, The Character Vault, The Artifact Vault and Magical Places from the films. They are really good information books for any fan and I think they’re good books to have on display.

Pop Funko Vinyl Fawkes £10

If you read my advent calendar wish list post you will know that I love Pop Funko’s. They are so cute and I love having some to display. There are of different Harry Potter ones but I think the Fawkes one is adorable.

I hope this gift guide For Harry Potter Fans has given you some ideas.

Thanks for reading

Speak soon


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