Gift guide for him

Todays gift guide for him was a bit difficult to write because I feel like men can sometimes but a little bit tricky to buy for. Obviously if they are into anything specific like football or marvel etc. you could buy them something relating to that.


I feel like most men like to wear a watch; either for practical reasons or style reasons. It would be lovely to get the man in your life a really nice new watch. I really like this one from Tommy Hilfiger which is £150. I love the simple, classic look of it.

After shave

Women love to receive perfume as a present so I don’t see why men would not enjoy the same thing. After shave can be expensive and is on of those things that a lot of men don’t like to have to buy. I bought DIESEL Only The Brave Mens Eau de Toilette for Joe a couple years ago and it seems so good. It is £39.95 for 50ml.

Tool Kit- Phaze 95 piece Tool Kit £25

I saw this tool kit in Halfords and thought it would make a great gift. You get so much for £25; it is a really good price.


There are lots of different consoles out there. I know a lot of guys who play Xbox or Playstation so you could get them a game for Christmas. There are so many different genres of games so they will be something for everyone.


You can never have too many shoes (in my opinion). It always nice to get someone a new pair of shoes as shoes are something that needs updating every so often. They get worn and dirty so it is always nice to get a fresh pair. A couple of ideas for shoes are some Staple Comycush Cruze Shoes from Vans for £65 or Nike Air Force 1 ’07 for £80.00.

This was a difficult gift guide to write (as you could probably tell by the poor quality) I never really know what to get men for presents. Joe can be kind of easy to buy for as he is easily pleased and has a lot of interests.

Hopefully this will give you a couple of ideas if the men in your life are a bit difficult to buy for.

Thanks for reading

Speak soon


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