Food & Drink Gift Guide

Todays post is another gift guide. There are so many food and drink gifts out there so I thought I would include a food & drink gift guide in Blogmas. If you don’t really know a person that well or are just struggling to think of a gift idea; a food or drink gift is perfect.

Cadbury Crunchie Melts Mug Gift £3.89

Cadbury crunchie melts are so delicious and I love that it comes with a Christmas mug to keep. There are 3 different design so you do not have to get people the exact same gift. Christmas day is the perfect day for a hot drink and a few biscuits (all the whole pack if you are anything like me)

Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin 70cl Gift Pack £25

There are lots of different alcohol gifts so whatever your friends and family enjoy drinking there will be a gift for them. I choose to talk about this one because I LOVE gin. Whitley Neill gin is really nice but it is a bit more expensive than other gins so it is nice to receive some as a present. I really like that you also get a glass with the bottle.

Baileys – Hot Chocolate Mug Gift Set £12 Baileys – Coffee Mug Gift Set £12.00

Baileys is essential for Christmas. Personally I do not drink it on its own but I love having some in a hot chocolate. I really like the mug that comes with the set and this would make a lovely gift for someone who enjoys baileys. If they are not a big hot chocolate drinker than also have a coffee gift set that comes with 2 Baileys Chocolate Truffles as well.

Scotty Dog Cookie Jar & Cookies 150g £5.99

B&M as well as lots of other stores always have a variety of biscuit tins/ jars filled with cookies. You also see a lot with shortbread as well. These would make a good gift for someone as not only are they getting some biscuits they also receive a year they can use for something else. I really like this one from B&M as it’s a westie/ scotty dog and comes with dog shaped biscuits (westie’s are my favourite dogs)

Terry’s Chocolate Orange 157g £1.00

In my family it is tradition to receive a chocolate orange in your stocking. I feel like you do not really see chocolate oranges all year round, mainly around Christmas time. They are really cheap but tasty so would make a nice little stocking filler for someone.

I hope I have given you a few ideas with this food & drink gift guide. What are some other ones you think are a good gift?

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