Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Around this time of year I am sure you will be going to a few Christmas parties or family events so I thought I would put a guide of Christmas party outfit ideas.

Outfit One – New Look

For the first outfit I’m going for the classic night out look; jeans and a nice top. This is my go to when I am going out or to a party as it is what I feel most comfortable in. This is probably the outfit I would wear to a work’s Christmas do or a night out with friends.

Outfit Two- Next

This would be for more of a day time event or a casual family get together. In winter I love to wear boots and they keep my feet a lot warmer but also look really nice. The blouse is like a classic tacky Christmas jumper; not something you would wear often but great for getting into the Christmas spirit at a party.

Outfit Three- Misguided

Another outfit to consider is a jumpsuit. They are a great outfit to put together because it is already complete. You can dress jumpsuits up really nicely and one would also keep you a lot warmer on a winter night out. Silver heels look really nice with a black outfit.

Outfit Four- Boohoo

Another thing I love to wear especially on a night out is a bodysuit. I love that they give you the look of a top tucked in but are a lot more practical as you don’t have to keep tucking it back in. I wear bodysuits with jeans mainly but I love the look of this velvet skit. Velvet just looks like festive to me and they one is really nice as well as affordable. The shoes are really pretty and are a great option if you’re like me and struggle to wear high heels

Outfit Five- Topshop

I couldn’t not include a dress in these ideas. Sequins always make me think of Christmas parties as well and this dress is gorgeous. This would be a perfect dress for more of work event rather than a night out with your mates; but feel free to wear it wherever you fancy. I love how glittery these shoes are but there is no chance of me being able to walk in them.

These are just a few Christmas party outfit ideas. Hopefully you have found something you like or have got an idea of an outfit for yourself.

Thanks for reading

Speak soon


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