Stocking Fillers For Her

When I was younger I always found stocking presents really exciting (I know that’s a bit weird) It can sometimes be difficult to come up with some ideas for little extra presents. This stocking fillers for her list is just generic ideas that I think most girls would like to receive. Also everything on this list is under £10 as that’s price I would class as a stocking filler not a main gift.

So…? Escapes £3.99

I saw these in B&M and thought they would make a great gift. B&M is one of the best places for stocking fillers in my opinion. I really like So…? Their body mists always smell so good and they are my go to everyday spray. When I am at work I don’t like to use my perfume as they’re not cheap so I like to have a cheaper alternative to use.

Mean Girls Notebook £8.50

I don’t think there is a girl out there who has not seen Mean Girls (let me know if you haven’t) it is like the ultimate girl movie. The Burn Book is iconic and I think it makes a really cool notebook.  You can also never have enough notebooks.

Soap & Glory Naughty But Spice Duo £5

Bath products are always a nice little stocking filler to buy for someone if you are not quite sure what to buy for them. Boot’s sell so many different ones so there are lots to choose from. Soap and Glory are one of my favourite brands so I definitely recommend their products as they are really nice to use. This set includes a body wash and body butter that smell really festive.

Matalan Chenille Pom Pom Slipper Boots £7

As it has getting a lot colder now it is the perfect time to buy someone some cosy slippers. I think slippers are good clothing item to get someone as you don’t really need to know their size. Obviously they usually come in small, medium and large so you need to know roughly what size they are. These slippers from Matalan are really cute and look really warm but there are so many different styles to choose from.

Primark Initial Makeup Bag £6.00

Another shop that would be good for stocking fillers is Primark as there are so many cute, inexpensive products. An initial makeup bag is a nice way of giving someone a personalised gift. It shows a little bit more thought even if it is only their initial on the present. Makeup bags are good to have as they are perfect for travelling; they are useful to put other things in as well as makeup.

I hope you found some of these stocking filler ideas useful.

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