Christmas and Winter Essentials

Today I am going to be telling you my Christmas and Winter essentials. It is getting really cold and I am someone who gets extremely cold so these are some of the things that help me stay warm.

Cosy Pjs & Slippers

I feel like I have said this so many times but I live in cosy pyjamas and slippers. As soon as I get home I get changed into my comfy, cosy clothes. It is getting dark earlier and the weather is a bit miserable so it is the time of year for staying in rather than going out.


My feet are always really cold. Even in the summer they get cold (I think I have poor circulation to them) so as well as fluffy socks I also have to wear boots when I go out the house. I love wearing my vans but if I am going out all day my feet need more warmth.


When I am out and about in the cold my face and neck get so cold. My cheeks get that cold it literally feels like someone is stabbing them so a scarf is a big essential for me. I love wrapping one around my face to keep it nice and warm.


I LOVE coats. My favourite thing when the weather is cold is put on a nice, big, warm coat. I am always looking at buying new coats and I recently bought this one from New Look. It was £45 and it feels really soft. I did buy it a size up so I would be able to comfortably be able to wear a jumper underneath.

Lip balm

I am sure I am not the only one who has to live off lip balm in winter. My lips get so dry and I just hate the feeling of dry lips, I also get really scared of cracked lips so I always make sure I use lip balm. At the moment I am currently using the Nivea Original Lip Balm

What are your Christmas and Winter Essentials?

Speak Soon


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