Future Christmas Bucket list

There are lots of things I would love to do around Christmas sometime in the future so I thought I would tell you about my Future Christmas Bucket List ; a lot of them are about visiting places.

Visit New York

I feel like this is something most people would like to do. I have never been to New York but always have wanted to.  It looks so incredibly beautiful at Christmas.

Visit Disney

When I was about 12 I went on two day trips to Disneyland Paris at Christmas and it was beautiful. I would love to visit again. I would really like to go to Disney World as well but it is more expensive and at Disneyland Paris it would feel more festive as you would be wearing coats and scarfs.

Host a Christmas party

Joe and I are currently saving for a house but I have already planned that when we do have one I want to host a Christmas party. I want to invite all our friends over for drinks and play some games. I would put some food out as well and have baked some festive cakes.

See a white Christmas

I honestly cannot remember there ever being snow on Christmas. Snow can be a bit annoying when it starts going slushy but I love the look of fresh snow. I feel like snow on Christmas is just ultimate festive, cosy goals.

Stay in a log cabin

I have always wanted to stay in a log cabin; I look the style of them. I would love for Joe and I to stay in one around Christmas. I can just picture sitting by a fire in the evening, Rory sleeping next to it to keep warm, Joe and I watching a film in a blanket with a hot chocolate; that just seems perfect to me. I would also love to go with some friends around Christmas as well and have like a mini Christmas day.

Have dinner in the great hall/ Hogwarts in the snow

Hogwarts at Christmas always loved amazing in the films and I love how the studio tour brings that to life. It would be a really memorable experience to dine in the great hall, however tickets are £240 per person so unfortunately I can’t see myself doing this anytime soon. I would really like to visit the studio tour when it is decorated for Christmas as it looks stunning.

Visit Edinburgh

Edinburgh is somewhere I would really like to visit. It looks beautiful there and I love the look of the buildings. The pictures of Christmas there look stunning and the Christmas market looks really good. I hope to visit at Christmas in the next couple years.

Go to Christmas market in a different country

During December I love to visit a Christmas market. Every year Joe and I usually go to one twice and always have a really good time. To me that is the start of the festive season. When I was younger I went on a school trip to a couple of Christmas markets in France and I loved it. The markets in Belgium and Germany for example look so incredible; so festive. One year I would really like to go on a weekend away to a city in Europe and visit the markets.

I hope you enjoyed finding out what is on my Future Christmas Bucket List. What are some of the things you would love to do around Christmas?

Thanks for reading

Speak Soon


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