Christmas Drinks


Gingerbread & Cream Hot Chocolate

I was not sure if I would be a big fan of this. I used to love eating gingerbread men when I was a child but in the last few years, I have not been a fan of ginger flavoured things. Joe loves ginger biscuits and I really can’t stand them. However, I really enjoyed this hot chocolate. You could really smell the gingerbread and taste it, but it was really nice with the hot chocolate. Felt like Christmas in a cup.

Irish Velvet Cappuccino

Joe really likes coffee especially an Irish coffee. He said the taste reminded him of Baileys (which he loves to drink around Christmas). I cannot stand coffee, or whiskey and I only really like a little bit of Baileys in a hot chocolate. However I really liked Joe’s coffee. I tasted a bit and thought I didn’t get much so I drank a bit more; I could’ve drank the whole thing! I cannot believe I liked it as much as I did and I would definitely have it again.

Hazelnut Praline & Cream Hot Chocolate

I was really excited to try this drink because I thought it sounded delicious. It tasted just like Nutella. I did really enjoy it but I’m not sure if I would order it again. I think I expected it to be a lot nicer so I was a bit disappointed. However in the past I have done this with other; been disappointed because I expected too much but then when I have tried them again I have liked it a lot more.

Irish Velvet & Cream Hot Chocolate

This is probably my favourite of the hot chocolates. It tasted really nice and was like having baileys in your hot chocolate. In the evenings Joe and I love having a Baileys hot chocolate; we do this all through Christmas so this Costa hot chocolate is perfect for us.

Winter Roast Beans

Joe had never tried this before but thought he would give it a try. He said he liked this because it tasted stronger but he couldn’t taste any particular flavour difference. It was good cause he likes coffee and the syrup flavours can sometimes overpower the coffee so it was nice that it was stronger.


Mint Hot Chocolate

Greggs are only doing the one Christmas hot chocolate so I had to try it. I’ll be honest I am not a mint chocolate kind of person. However I really enjoyed this.

Salted Caramel Latte

I’ve never really seen Joe go for a caramel flavoured coffee before. He said it didn’t actually taste too sweet like he expected but also wasn’t too bitter. It was a nice change to try something different.


Millionaire Latte

Joe really enjoyed this latte and again it wasn’t too overpoweringly sweet. It has chocolate cream on the top but Joe said he didn’t taste the difference between that and regular cream.

I had planned to try the Starbucks toasted marshmallow hot chocolate but I didn’t get the chance to. My favourite one I did try is probably Irish Velvet & Cream Hot Chocolate from Costa. Joe said he favourite one was definitely the Costa Irish Velvet cappuccino.

Let me know what your favourite festive drink is

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