Card and Board Game Ideas

Around Christmas you tend to spend a lot more time relaxing with your family and a board game is always great to play. I love board games; I really enjoy playing them so I thought I would share with you a few card and board game ideas.


My family and I love this game; we used to play this a lot when I was younger. It is a really quick and easy game to play and it is good for all ages. I get some competitive playing this especially at the end because you always end up needing to roll a 1 to get into the last space. A couple of times Joe and I have played just the two of us and play using two colours which makes it really interesting.


I had not played this in years until last night. Joe and I went round a friends house last night and they had bought this. It was so funny. At first I was awful at it but then I did get better. We actually managed to stack it so high and we could not believe it was still standing up. Three rows in a row were just one block. I would definitely recommend playing this for a game laugh with friends or family.


I have only played UNO a couple of times but I played a game similar to it using normal cards. This game is also really good for a laugh as it is so funny seeing people get excited because they think they are going to win but then you make them pick up cards.


Dobble is one of my favourite games to play. There are 5 different games you can play so it keeps it interesting. It gets so annoying when you can’t see the match. There has been times where Joe and I are adamant there is not a match but then once the other person finds theirs you can see it. There is a Harry Potter version that I really like so if you like Harry Potter I would recommend buying that.

Top Trump Quizzes

A quiz is always good for a game session with family and friends. I own the Top Trumps Disney Quiz and I really like. There is a good range of questions and there are so many. The problem with some quizzes is that it sometimes feels like you cannot play them that much or often because you will remember the answers. This one however there is that many questions and two packs of cards you probably would not get the same questions very often. Top Trumps also sell a Harry Potter version and a Friends version.

Mr & Mrs

Last Christmas Joe and I went to one our friends houses for a games night to play this. We had never played it before but I used to really like watching the TV show. Joe and I started off so strong with our answers but sadly we did not win. This is a really game to play if there a lot of couples in your friendship group. We are going to be playing it again this year so fingers cross we do better this time.

I hope this post has given you a a few card and board game ideas you could play with friends and family, especially over the Christmas holiday.

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