My Christmas Day Outfit

The last 3 Christmas’ Joe and I have spent the day at home so we have stayed at home so we have spent the day in our pjs. This year however Joe and I are spending the day with my some of my family and my Auntie and Uncles house. We can’t really spend all day in pjs so we bought some outfits to wear. Here is my Christmas day outfit:


The elf jumper was £10 from Home Bargains. It feels really nice quaitly. The elf beanie is a couple years old (think it was from Home Bargains or somewhere like that). The Grinch slipper socks are from Primark and they cost £3.50.


Joe’s Santa jumper is also from Home Bargains and costs £10. The knitted Santa hat was from the same place as the elf hat a couple years ago. The Grinch slippers were also from Primark and they were £4.50.

We already planned to wear Grinch jumpers that we had bought from Primark which is why we both bought Grinch slippers to match with them. The blue jumper was £14 and I think the grey one was the same. The grey one is soo soft and I love wearing it. However we saw the other jumpers and decided they would be perfect to wear on Christmas day.

On Christmas day you have to be comfortable as you spend the day chilling and eating a LOT of food.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Christmas day outfit. What are you wearing on Christmas day?

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