Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market

Every year Joe and I visit the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas market. We usually end up going a couple times; once with my dad and brother and once with friends. What is really nice is that we go with my family during the day and we go with friends on an evening so we get a different atmosphere.

What We Did Eat?

For us, a big part of the Christmas market is eating a lot of food. There are lots of different stalls selling a variety of food. It can be so easy to keep eating until you burst (which we usually do)

The first thing I ate was a Schnitzel which is a fried meat in breadcrumbs. It was so good, they are probably my favourite thing to eat at the market. They are so big as well. Joe ate a Frankfurt which he loves, personally I am not a fan of them. We then shared some marshmallows covered in chocolate.

I kept seeing people with garlic bread and it was really making me crave some so I went on the hunt for some. I got it with cheese and it was amazing. The piece was so big! You could easily share it between too people.

My dad then treated us both to a Nutella crepe. I never used to be a big fan of Nutella but now i am obsessed with it. I love any kind of dessert with Nutella.

As we were leaving Joe got another hotdog and my dog bought us both a caramel donut for us to eat later on.

When we went on the evening with friends we didnt eat that much. I again had some schnitzel and garlic bread and Joe had a hot dog and some of the garlic bread. By the mailbox there is another little market that we went to where we had a roastie toastie; basically a roast dinner as a toastie. Joe and I had the turkey one and had extra trimming. Omg, I have never tasted anything like it. It is such a weird idea but it really good work! You also get a pot of gravy on the side to dip your toastie in. Our friends tried the vegan version and they seemed to really enjoy it.

What Did We Buy?

Most of the time we only buy food and drink when we go but we do try to buy at least one other thing. There are so many nice things we could have bought; teddies, snow globes, carousels, ornaments, the list goes on.

Joe and I have been looking for either a Christmas sign or a little train to dispaly on our Tv stand. On one of the first stalls they sold little trains that you can buy letters with (the idea is to make your name). Instead we bought XMAS and a little front and back carriage. We love the look of this on our TV stand. It cost us £9 but it was worth it.

I really enjoy visiting every year and it really does put me in the festive mood. I would recommend visiting next year if you live near Birmingham. Next year I would love to visit some other Christmas markets.

I did also vlog our day trip with my dad if you are interested in seeing more

Let me know which one you enjoy going to

Speak Soon


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