My Goals for 2020

Happy New Year!!! How is it 2020, where did 2019 go? I took a couple weeks away from blogging after I finished Blogmas. I am going a whole post about my experience of Blogmas but for now I thought the best first post of the year would be about my goals for this year.

Before I get onto my 2020 goals I am going to reflect on how I did with my 2019 goals.

2019 Goals

  • Get a new job– Nope. Did not happen. I did have a few interviews last year but unfortunately nothing came of them. I did take a break from applying to jobs as it got a bit much for me, I started to feel really down about if I wasted my time to going to university etc. but I am feeling a lot better now.
  • Get to my target weight– When I set this goal I knew it was a huge goal but I wanted to make it happen. In 2019 I lost about 2 stone, which I was slightly disappointed in. However I did have a VERY busy summer so I wasn’t eating the best. 2 stone is still a good achievement though.
  • Go on more walks– I did actually complete this. Joe and I went on a lot of really nice scenic walks last year and I want to continue to do that this year. We often go on walks with Joe’s brother and his girlfriend which we really enjoy doing.
  • Save money– This is another goal I did achieve. Most months I have been able to put some money aside, there were some months were I was unable as there was a lot to pay for. I am really happy with how much I did manage to save.
  • Read more books– I read the same amount of last year. I went through a phase of reading books quickly but then I didn’t continue.
  • Grow my blog– The number of my followers has increased this year which I am really happy about. I also wrote a sponsored blog post which was really exciting.

2020 Goals

Some of my goals from 2019 that I did not manage to achieve are also going to be in my goals for 2020.

Blog / YouTube Goals

Increase my blog following– I am so motivated for this year and I would love to continue to grow my blog following. I have a lot of ideas for future blog posts. It would also be cool to interact with a lot more bloggers and make some blogger friends.

Increase my YouTube subscribers– This is similar to above. I have really been enjoying filming and editing videos in 2019. I have a few ideas for upcoming videos and it would really mean a lot to me if my videos could reach more people.

Write 5 sponsored blog posts– As I said earlier I worked with Hills Nutrition last year on a sponsored post. I really enjoyed working on that and I would love to do more this year.

Write a guest post– This is something I have never done before but lately I have really been interested to find out more about them. It would be something new for me to do this year.

Increase my DA– My DA is quite low and I know this is an issue when looking to do sponsored posts. I have started looking into how I could improve it this year.

Personal Goals

Get to my target weight– My weight loss slowed down in the later half of last year; I do admit I stopped trying as hard as it was a really busy time. This year I really want to get fully back on track and continue to lose weight. I think I could get to my target this year if I really try.

Get a new job– I finished university in August 2018 so it is about time my degree actually paid off. I really want to actually start using my degree but the problem is my lack of experience. Every time I get rejected from my job if they give me a reason it is always due to my lack of experience. It is really annoying but I just have to keep trying; eventually someone will give me a chance.

Read more books– I would really like to get back into reading. Whenever I have spare time I just sit on my phone scrolling through social media. I should start taking from time away from that and read instead. I am currently reading Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire and I really want to finish reading the series this year.

Improve my self-care & self love– This is something I struggle with. In 2020 I really want to stop being so harsh on myself and stop being my own worst enemy. I also really want to start taking better care of myself, I am really bad at looking after my skin but I am going to find a skin care routine that works for me and stick to it.

Donate blood again- In November I donated blood for the first time (I wrote a post about it if you are interested) At the moment I can’t donate blood again until March but I will definitely do it again. I want to get some more of my leg tattooed which means I then wont be able to donate for 4 months so I might try to donate before I get my next tattoo.

I hope you enjoyed reading my goals for 2020. Let me know what yours are.

Speak Soon


4 thoughts on “My Goals for 2020

  1. You achieved so many great goals last year and losing two stone is definitely something to be proud about! šŸ„³ Iā€™m currently looking for jobs that use my degree too and it can be so hard and disheartening not having enough experience but having the qualifications, so I totally understand that. Good luck in your job search and achieving your new goals this year! šŸ˜Š


    1. Thank you! It does feel like it’s taking forever to find a new job but everyone keeps telling me that the right one for me is out there. Good luck with your job search too and I hope 2020 is a great year for you X


  2. What’s your degree in? I’m wishing you the best with your 2020 goals!!


    1. Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. Thank you so much!


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