My Experience Of Blogmas 2019

I thought I would talk about my experience of Blogmas 2019 as it was my first time taking part in it.

Why Did I Do It?

In the past I have followed other peoples Blogmas and I love reading a different post from them each day. This year I have posted a lot more on here so I really wanted to push myself to take part in Blogmas.

Preparing For Blogmas

I started writing and planning posts in late September / early October and I thought I was so prepared. Before I knew it, it was November. I had only finished a couple of posts and I still had some many to write. I think my problem was I felt like I started too early as some of the ideas I had I couldn’t do until it was actually December and then I felt like I had no time.

How Did I find Blogmas?

Overall I did really enjoy Blogmas. I loved having a lot more content to post and I liked writing all the posts I did. However I did get a bit stressed towards the end as I did not have as many posts pre written as I thought. I also struggled with sharing my posts. Usually I am okay at sharing my latest posts on social media but because there was a new one to share everyday I struggled to keep up. I’ll be honest I don’t think I actually shared that many of the whole month, which I am disappointed with. I had hoped to grow my blog more with Blogmas but I didn’t do it justice. I loved putting together gift guides because I basically got to look for Christmas presents.

Would I Take Part In Blogmas Again?

100% YES! On the whole I loved blogmas. Yes I did get a bit stressed and I didn’t share many of the posts, but I did enjoy it. This year I am definitely going to start writing a lot earlier. Even some of the baking I’ll do earlier so I don’t end up rushing.

So that was my experience of Blogmas 2019. If you took part how did you find it?

Speak Soon


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