My First Time At An Escape Room

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen pictures of my first time at an escape room last weekend. For one of our friends birthday Joe and I bought him an escape room voucher for Escape Live. We thought it would be a really fun thing to do either from him and his fiancé or as a group. Escape Live have a variety of escape rooms in across 5 locations; we went to the Birmingham one and booked for Dr Wilson’s Office.

When You Get There

Our session was booked for 8pm and they recommend you get there 10-15 minutes beforehand. When we got there we were shown to a waiting room which had refreshments while we waited for our games master. Our game master was a really lovely girl called Hannah. She took us across the road to the other Escape Live building where our escape room was.

Dr Wilson’s Office

We opted for this room as we really liked the detective look of it. Escape Live describe it as:

“Dr Wilson is a master detective who has solved many crimes in his distinguished career. But this case could prove to be deadly for him. One of the suspects he is investigating is threatening his life. Dr Wilson is now relying on you and your team to unveil the identity of the right suspect. He’s left clues around his office and it’s up to you to find them, solve the mystery and escape”

We all loved this room! As soon as the timer started we all ran to different points of the room to figure things out. Obviously I won’t spoil it but the puzzles are really good. It had a good range of riddles and puzzles with different difficulty. I will be honest and admit that we did have 2 clues from the game master. However one of the clues we had already thought of but we got the answer wrong. The other clue was a proper hit yourself in the face kind of clue, we couldn’t believe we had missed it. We all said if we hadn’t got the answer wrong on the other one we would have got this answer as we would have had a lot more time left over.

How Did We Do?

We did manage to escape Dr Wilson’s office with 14 minutes remaining. Which I think it pretty good. Our games master said for our first time it was really good as we escaped, had time left over and only had 2 clues. It was definitely a team effort, we all solve different parts; there wasn’t anyone just standing there doing nothing.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first time at an escape room. If you have never done an escape room before I would 100% recommend booking one with some friends.

Thanks for reading

Speak soon


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