Valentines Day Gift Guide

I thought I would make a Valentines Day gift guide as it is coming up soon and I really enjoyed making gift guides during blogmas. I feel like Valentines day gifts can be a bit difficult as we’ve not long had Christmas and you want to give someone a thoughtful and loving gift. So I have put together a few ideas for you:

Date Night

Joe and I no longer buy each other presents, instead we have a date night. Instead of giving gifts it would be really nice to plan a date night. You could either go to their favourite restaurant or your joint favourite restaurant. Or you could plan a night in with a movie, takeaway and some chocolates. This year Joe and I are going to stay in and have a movie night with a takeaway.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are always great to give someone; they make it more personal and shows that you have put more thought into it. I love personalised prints and there are so many great ones of Not On The High Street. One of my friends have a print from The Night Sky showing what the sky looked like the night they got engaged. You put in the coordinates so it will pinpoint the spot where you were. It would a great gift to mark your anniversary, the day you got engaged or married; any significant date for you both.

Tickets/ Vouchers

I love giving experiences as presents or anything that you make memories together with. You could buy your partner concert tickets, theatre tickets etc. It would be a really thoughtful gift as you get to make memories as well. Groupon also offer a variety of different vouchers from food & drink, things to do and travel; so there is plenty to choose from.


Jewellery always makes a lovely gift and there are so many options to choose from.

Classic Presents: Flowers, Chocolates

You also cannot go wrong with the classic valentines day presents. Flowers are always nice to receive as they look and smell beautiful. Pretty much everyone would love to get some chocolate as a present beauce chocolate is amazing.

Hopefully this little Valentines Day gift guide has given you a couple of ideas.

Thanks for reading

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